SOO survey – Complete and Share

The DET SOO campaign to have our role recognised as an integral STEM resource in schools, is off to a positive start. Megan Seymour, Sandra Lewis, Wendy Shearer and Nikki Bradford have been invited by the Together union to represent SOOs in negotiation with DET. We ask that members complete and share…

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Term 2 LabLINK

Term 2 LabLINK is now available from the members area, so boil the kettle and put your feet up before the conference for some interesting reading of what members have been up to.  Also included in this edition are more practical tips for your laboratory by Dale Carroll, along with some stunning photos of Minerals, Crystals and Rocks, Oh My!

LabLINK December 2016

The latest December 2016 edition of LabLINK is now available to all members! Once again this issue is filled with important and interesting information related to all things science, education and QEST. Deadlines for our next issue are also fast approaching so keep an eye out for the Term 1 LabLINK…

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Term 3 LabLINK

The latest term 3 edition of LabLINK is now available to all members. With interesting and relevant contributions made from science technicians all over QLD, this is a must read publication! If you aren’t a current member and would like access to future editions of LabLINK, please find information about…

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