Got something interesting to contribute?  Please contact any of the QEST representatives below and share with us how we can better support you.

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QEST representatives are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, usually held during ConQEST.  All QEST members are eligible to become a representative, however only full members may hold executive positions and have voting rights.  QEST’s core business is to:

  • communicate to members through the quarterly LabLINK newsletter,
  • organise professional development and job specific training through the annual ConQEST conference, and
  • liaise with various government and industry interest groups to represent and advocate for the views and needs of the membership.

Currently some of these tasks are delegated to subcommittees, who report back to the Executive representatives. Meetings are held via teleconference at least once every two months. All QEST members are invited to participate in the meetings and bring forward their ideas and thoughts.

Some of the ways in which members can actively contribute are by:

  • providing a channel for communication between regional groups and QEST;
  • assisting with organising regional PD for areas that don’t have a functioning regional network through QEST;
  • reaching out to schools who either do not have a Laboratory Technicians or whose Laboratory Technicians are not aware of our current state networks – QEST needs ideas as to how to contact these people.
  • communicating industrial issues for either independent or state school that can be collectively put to our employer via unions through QEST;
  • writing or sourcing articles for reprint in LabLINK;
  • collating links to online resources, like iBooks, YouTube channels, websites, news articles that can be shared through LabLINK;
  • producing videos;
  • presenting at OR putting forward workshop suggestions at ConQEST;
  • bringing hot topics to the attention of the Management committee for further investigation and guidance from authoritative bodies.

Got something interesting to contribute?  Please contact us and share with us how we can better support you.

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