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If you have any problems accessing, renewing or joining please send an email to and a committee member will assist you as soon as possible.

2019-20 Membership prices:
1st May – 30th April annually

12 month membership:
Individual Membership (paying it yourself):  $36
Corporate Membership (your school pays for you): $65

6 month membership:
Individual only (to 30th April) $18

QEST Membership Definitions:
a) Ordinary Members – a member with full membership benefits:
Defined as persons currently employed in a science laboratory support role in a Queensland education facility.
This includes, but is not limited to, the following roles: Science Operations Officers, Scientific Officers, Laboratory Technicians, Laboratory Managers, Laboratory Supervisors, Laboratory Coordinators, Laboratory Assistants,
Teacher aides employed to perform the duties of a laboratory technician, Teachers performing the duties of a laboratory technician as a formal part of their role (ie. For example in regional or small schools where there is no
science laboratory support staff allocation), in either a state or private institution.
Ordinary members shall have the right to vote and eligibility to nominate for and hold a position on the Management Committee or subcommittee.

b) Associate Members – a member with limited benefits:
Defined as persons previously employed, but no longer employed, in a science laboratory support role in a Queensland education facility (as defined in ordinary membership); or Persons currently employed in a science laboratory support role in an Australian education facility, other than in Queensland (as defined in ordinary membership); Or a Science Teacher or HOD Science where the laboratory staff are ordinary QEST members; Or a pre-service teacher specialising in science.
Associated members may attend QEST meetings at the invitation of Management Committee members or by application to Management Committee. Associated members do not have voting rights at any QEST meetings, nor may they hold any official position of office within the association, nor may they interfere with the decisions of the Management Committee.

Individual Membership

  • when membership fee is paid by the individual
  • belongs to the individual and moves with them if/when they change schools

Corporate Membership

  • when membership fee is paid by the employer
  • whether an individual or up to 4 laboratory plus teaching staff
  • stays with the school, nominated members can be updated throughout the year.

Corporate Membership limitations:

  • Limited to 4 members unless there are more than 4 laboratory support staff who are eligible for ordinary QEST membership, in which case the maximum number of members would be the number of laboratory staff employed; Consideration to extend this limitation is at the discretion of the Management committee.

All members shall receive the following benefits:

  • Email of LabLINK newsletter;
  • Discounts to Professional development opportunities and early registration;
  • Access to member only areas of Website, with links to past documents, Webinars, LabLINK newsletters, and calendar events.
  • Consideration for Awards and Bursaries where the member meets the criteria.