Guideline for managing risks with chemicals in DoE workplaces
Developed by the Department of Education (DoE), this document serves as a guide for DoE employees to meet the DoE internal policy requirements as well as the legal requirements of State and Federal Regulations, Acts and Codes of Practice related to the Safe Management of Chemicals.  This document is available for reference by the independent education sector.  NOTE: QEST recommends that school employees confirm specific policy and procedures for their organisation.


ASSIST – Australian School Science Information Support for Teachers and Technicians  


SETA drafted National Standards for Laboratory Technicians in 2014.  Work continues in 2018 to finalise these Standards.


Guideline for Managing Risks with Chemicals in DETE Workplaces November 2013
These Guidelines are one way to implement state and federal Acts and Codes of Practice (aka LAW).  Developed by DETE, these are available for use by independent education sector.  NOTE: non-DET schools do not have to adhere to these guidelines, but they do need to have an alternate procedure that complies with Code of Practice.