AGM 2018 Agenda

Download the Agenda to follow at the AGM.

  1. Attendance
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes from the previous AGM  MOTION: That the minutes from the previous AGM, held 26th June 2017, are true and correct.  Moved: Naomi Aird; Seconded: Patricia Hugman
  4. President Report – Nikki Bradford MOTION: That the President’s Report be accepted. Moved: Nikki Bradford; Seconded: Patricia Hugman
  5. Presentation of the Financial / Auditor’s Report – Louanne Benecke MOTION: That the QEST financial report for year ended 30th April 2018, as prepared by Gold Group Consulting, be accepted Moved: Louanne Benecke; Seconded: Naomi Aird
  6. Appointment of an Auditor MOTION: That Gold Group Consulting of 56 Davenport St, Southport QLD 4215, be appointed as Auditor for the 2018 – 2019 financial year Moved: Louanne Benecke; Seconded: Naomi Aird
  7. Membership Report– Jacqui Burton  MOTION: That the Membership Coordinator’s Report be accepted Moved: Jacqui Burton; Seconded: Patricia Hugman
  8. SETA Report – Wendy Shearer  MOTION: That the SETA Report be accepted Moved: Wendy Shearer; Seconded: Christine Kearns
  9. Election of Office Bearers – Chair shall be handed over to an independent observer for the election of incoming President.

All positions shall be declared vacant.  A list of nominations received by QEST management was made available to the members prior to the AGM, via email and QEST website.  If there are an insufficient number of candidates nominated, nominations shall be called from the floor of the AGM.

The AGM will be closed after the election of Office Bearers    ____________________________________________________________________

GENERAL MEETING of members – to be opened by the incoming President

  1. Future of ConQEST dependent on election of OR appointment of a ConQEST Coordinator

MOTION: That QEST employs an administrator to assist the QEST Management Committee in the organisation of ConQEST. Moved: Nikki Bradford; Seconded: Sharon O’Keeffe

  1. Future of Webinars dependent on election of OR appointment of a Webinar Coordinator

MOTION: To cease the Regional Outreach Webinar program and upload the existing webinars to a QEST YouTube channel, so that it may be used as an educational reference. Moved: Lucy Galea; Seconded: Nikki Bradford

  1. Sandra Lewis Achievement Award Draw
  2. General Business Due to time restraints, members were requested to send items for General business to by Monday 18th June

A request was received to include a report regarding the SOO translation to technical stream, access and progression to OO4, advertising OO2 entry levels instead of OO3, and merging of the OO2/OO3 position descriptions.  This is an industrial matter and will be covered during the industrial keynote presentation on Tuesday 3rd of July by the Together Union.

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