Science Technician Appreciation & Recognition Week 

24-28 August 2020

STARweek is an opportunity for schools to appreciate and recognise the professional support, invaluable knowledge and experience that science technicians contribute to your school.


Download the #STARweek flyer to display around your school

Download the #STARweek competition flyer

Ideas for #STARweek:

  • Print the PDF flyer and put a copy in every Science teacher’s pigeon hole, as well as the HOD, Principal and anyone else you think should know.  This is a chance to highlight what we do and not be invisible for a change!
  • Blutack some flyers on the Science room doors
  • Blutack some flyers in the staff room
  • Upload photos to social media with #STARweek20
  • Bookweek costume:  Science Super Hero (wear your lab coat around) – if anyone asks, say not all superheroes wear capes, some wear lab coats….. ?