Introduced in 2010

As part of its mandate to exchange knowledge, develop peer networks and to facilitate learning, the continued professional development of members is a high priority for the Queensland Education Science Technicians Association (QEST).  In light of this, the QEST Committee is pleased to offer a travel bursary of up to $1750 for ConQEST attendees who are travelling from outside the Southeast Queensland area.  Successful applicants can claim travel and accommodation expenses for participation in the annual ConQEST Conference. 

Eligibility for Travel Bursary

To be eligible to apply for a travel bursary, you must:

  • be a financial member of QEST;
  • be able to participate in both days of the conference;
  • be employed at a Queensland school located 300km or more from the ConQEST location;
  • are not able to obtain financial support from your school for travel and accommodation costs;
  • have submitted a LabRAT Bursary Application Form (see below) to the Committee within the allocated time period; and
  • have prior approval from your school to attend ConQEST.

LabRAT Bursary Application Form 2023

Return travel from the nearest regional centre and 3 nights accommodation will be organised and confirmed by the QEST Committee prior to the conference (meals are not included).  Successful applicants will receive an email indicating that they have been awarded a travel bursary.  Please make sure that all receipts are given to the QEST secretary at the end of the travel period. The bursary does NOT cover QEST membership nor ConQEST registration.

Conditions of Bursary

QEST is offering one travel and accommodation bursary up to the total value of $1750 to attend ConQEST. Successful applicants will be chosen by meritorious process by the committee.  Only applications received by the closing date and time will be considered for the lottery.  All decisions made by the Committee will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  A complete account of bursary expenditure will be made to the member’s quorum at the subsequent AGM.

The successful applicant is not permitted to reapply for the bursary for a period of 24 months from the date of the ConQEST conference which they attend.  The successful applicant will be required to submit a short article to be published in the issue of LabLINK following ConQEST. The article should relate the experiences of the applicant at ConQEST.

Notification of awards will be made early enough to allow recipients to nominate preferred travel arrangements, but the travel bursaries will be paid for and managed by the QEST Committee.  Additional costs will be paid on the basis of receipts you provide to the Committee.  Only receipted items will be refunded at the discretion of the Committee and this amount will be allowed for within the total value of the bursary. Allowable items are airport transfers and public transport.  Additional travel taken during the conference period will be at the applicant’s expense (eg taxis to restaurants, field trips, visits to family).  If the total balance of the bursary is not used, it will be remitted to QEST for reallocation in subsequent offers. All travel bookings and accommodation are the responsibility of the QEST Committee. This bursary cannot be deferred.

Winners of the LabRAT Bursary:

2010Sandra CampbellBowen SHS
2011Christine Murfin
Jocelyn Goodwin
Marist College Emerald
Atherton SHS
2012No Applicants
2013Tamara DausKingston State College
2014No Applicants
2015Liz KilohFreshwater Christian College, Cairns
2016NO ConQEST - Cohost CONASTA
2017Julie NormanMossman SHS
2018Emily Chick
Anoja De Silva
William Ross SHS Townsville
Rockhampton Girls Grammar School
2019No Applicants
2020No ConQEST
2021Virtual ConQEST
2022No Applicants

2023 Will it be you? APPLY NOW!