The ASSIST (Australian Science Support Information for Teachers and Technicians) advisory service has been “rebooted” in the last 6 months after more funding has been obtained to keep it running.

The demand for the advisory services of Science ASSIST continues to grow. The Science ASSIST website now has over 2,400 registered users and since August 2014 there have been close to 93,000 unique visitors and 40% of these come back to the website!!

A selection of new questions

New resources
SOP: Performing a chicken wing dissection
SOP: Performing a brain dissection

Science ASSIST has a suite of 8 dissection SOPs. They have also answered questions relating to dissections in school science. Check all of these resources out here.

Updating of existing resources as @ November 2017

Please make it your new year’s resolution to spread the word about Science ASSIST to all your lab tech and teacher colleagues.