Every year QEST recognises the contributions of members. On alternate years we invite applications for the Mike Bowles Book Award.

The Mike Bowles Book Award aims to acknowledge and show appreciation for a Queensland Education Science Technician who has made a significant contribution to achieving the objectives of QEST.

The objectives of our association are:

  • To further the professional image and the recognition of the technical role of Science technicians within the education system;
  • To establish and maintain a communication network to link all association members;
  • To encourage the professional development of Science technicians through provision of a wide range of training programs.

To be eligible for this award you need

  • To be a current financial member of QEST and have not received this award in the past;
  • A written submission of no longer than 200 words must be submitted to the executive committee and their decision is final.

Click Here: For the Mike Bowles Book Award Nomination Fillable Form